Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rich in color

I am all about change.  I love to redo, paint and move the furniture around.  I have become discontent with the ordinary and am constantly trying to content myself with life by creating projects. 

Mr. Mike may come home from work to find any number of things thrown out onto the lawn ie;  carpet, walls (really!!), furniture, doors,  paneling, and what ever else was just wrong at the time.

Mr. Mike would just shake his head and wonders now what has she done?  Just so everyone understands Mr. Mike, he is always concerned when I start a project.  He wonders just what he will be involved in, why wasn't he consulted, how much will this cost him, and course the dreaded--What Am I Going To Have To FIX?

I consider myself to be somewhat talented in my creativity (no really).  I can see how to improve the ordinary, and make it extraordinary! -How cliche-  I know

This bathroom vanity was bought when we moved into our home.  I have lived with it for almost 7 years. You could say its nice, its serves its purpose or who cares what it looks like. Well, have I found a product for you.
MINWAX Gel Stain!    This is the best stain ever because it comes with the shiny top coat added into the stain.

I bought the stain at Home Depot for about $12.  This stain will last you forever.  I used a color called Brazilian Rosewood---sounds exotic doesn't it--- 

I started brushing it on in very straight strokes.  I used enough on the brush to stroke from the center of each row and out to both edges.  It was very easy and I am sure you really couldn't mess it up. 

  My somewhat ordinary vanity turned into this.  So rich in color!!

                                                                Happy Staining.


  1. You have always been talented in seeing how something will look before you start on it. You see it in your head. What a beautiful chest or vanity. It looks much better with the darker stain. That gives me some ideas for my old kitchen cabinets. Thanks Kellie for sharing your talent. Love you

  2. Is this something that I could do to my kitchen cabinets? We have the standard oak. And I can tell you that neither one of us really like it. However getting new ones would be somewhere around $10 grand! And well that's just not in the budget right now. Do I need to sand it first. Or can I just apply it?