Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love Love Kauai!!

Kauai Hawaii

There are Beautiful Waterfalls...
It is very Tropical...
It has Lush Gardens...
It has Rainy Days...
It has Sunny Days...

And Then, There Are These!!!!
A rooster. Brought from the mainland they have no natural predators, and so run wild (everywhere!)
And They Do This All Day!!!


And All Night!!!

Here a few lovely sounds to help you visualize these magnificent birds.
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and this

and last but not LEAST!!

Happy Crowing...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In My Red High Heels........

I've been thinking about them.....

And These.....

Especially These...

red high heels photo by david livingston getty images Kick Up Your Heels For Womens Heart Health With Your Community Quick Hits: Feb 25 27
Red High Heels (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)
It is winter.....
So Maybe I Should Stick With These!!

red thigh high boots Red suede effect thigh high boots from Charlotte Russe

Every Girl Needs A Pair Of......
Red High Heels


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

19 Kids and Counting!! The Duggars'

The Duggar family, which has become famous for having–you guessed it–19 kids

Duggar Family in front of Arkansas house

Since this top photo was taken, the Duggars' have had two more children.

The Great Room has 2,000 square feet and features an open family room, kitchen, and dining area:

Duggar house-great room

The Kitchen:

Duggar kitchen

Duggar Diner

The dining room table seats 20 and has a beverage center handy (I would love it if we added one of these to our dining room!):

Duggar dining table-seats 20

The large laundry room has four washers and four dryers. Nearby is a giant closet where all of the clothes for the family are stored. Pretty smart idea considering the amount of laundry they must do. The kids have to go to the main closet to get their clothes each day.

laundry rm-4 washers 4 dryers


upstairs walkway

The Boys’ Bedroom with 10 beds:

Boys' bedroom-10 beds

The Girls’ Bedroom:

Girls' Bedroom

The Playroom:

Duggary playroom

The overhead view of the home:

Duggar house-birdseye view

 Trust me, if I had 19 children, I would need pharmaceutical assistance in order to smile as much as Michelle does.

People Cover-Duggar Family

How many do you think they will have??