Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Isn't Fair!

For quite sometime now Mr. Mike has refused to let me have a cat.

I like cats...
and I want one!

But only one..

When I was young, I had a cat.
His name was Buster.
He was a Siamese

Buster was my best friend!

Well, one day back in April, my sisters cat (Kissy) had kittens.
They were adorable, and I secretly told her that I wanted one.

Us Women know what we want and exactly how to get it.
And if there is any and I mean any opportunity,
by damn (emphasis)
We will take it.

I started showing Mr. Mike pictures of the kittens.
I picked out a kitten.
I named the kitten
Bought a collar for the kitten

No, No, No...(his only answer and his favorite word!!!)

But why Mr. Mike?

So, I ask you, Is life fair?

Siamese cat lying on a blanket

Grow-up Mr. Mike!!!
Don't you know that life isn't fair!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thought for the day...

"I believe in pink...
i believe that laughing is the best calorie burner...
i believe in kissing, kissing a lot...
i believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong...
i believe that tomorrow is another day...
i believe in miracles."
                                                                                 ~ audrey hepburn
Are you Happy??

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Pineapple Crystal Chandelier

Sit down, relax, because this is a long one...

Well, I have these new friends from Minnesoooota! 

 That's how people from Minnesooota pronounce their state.  It seems that I can always tell where an accent is from when I happen to meet new people.

So I introduce you to Dale and Sandy.

These are minnesooootians...

Check out Dales AWESOME hair !!

Anyway, back to my story.
It seems that Sandy has a fetish for garage sales, estate sales and the famous second hand store

If you live in Utah you and everyone you know is familiar with D.I.
Deseret Industries.!!

Me and my BIG mouth happened to tell her, after her mentioning her visit to SAVERS (another local second hand store..Not as famous as D.I, but none the less a second hand store)

She was beyond happy.  It could have been mistaken as excited,  animating, appealing, arousing, attractive, bewitching, breathtaking, captivating, charged, charming, cliff-hanging, delightful,

You get the picture..

I picked her up (she doesn't drive) at about 3pm and
Our adventure began!

Upon walking into D.I, the excitement building,
  and Sandy nearly having an out of body experience,
 that OMG was all she could say..
OMG its so BIG, OMG theirs so much stuff,
OMG where should I start,
and of course the OMG Kellie, you are the best!
( But I knew that already)

"I" (being a fabulous tour guide) decided that the outdoor center is where we should start..
While prodding Sandy forward, the ooooohs and ahhhhhh were just starting to
rake on my NERVES.

I know that you all understand...
Going somewhere you don't really want to
Hanging out with someone who loves D.I
and is a Minnesooootian,
And really having to be in ten places in the next half hour!

Well Sandy, my lovely new friend was looking at Rugs-- Pillows-- Blankets--
Pictures, and anything else to help brighten up the apartment that her and Dale
are renting.

I was roaming around, thinking of all the things that I need to do,
I spotted a light fixture...
this wasn't just any light fixture...
it was a Crystal Chandelier!!
I have always liked the feeling of the
words..Crystal Chandelier.  It feels so
Beverly Hills..
Wow, the excitement began and sent a fabulous spasm through-out
my whole body.
ok, maybe I should say tingle!
My mind was racing...
oh, could it be true???

It was solid brass! (Ohhh, I could sell it, the price of brass has gone through the roof)

I couldn't do it..
It was so gorgeous, amazing, and
I Had to have it!

The price tag--$6 bucks..
I could not believe it.
My mind was still spinning and oozing creativity.
We (Sandy and I loaded it into my car)
Isn't is fabulous?

I made Sandy get into the car..
our shopping trip was over!
I think she secretly despised me and wanted to protest
my hasty departure from her dream second hand store.

I Am Handy..
I am not sure if I have told you this before but it is true.
As soon as I got home, the "out with the old, and in with the new"

I was Done! with my --not so old-- light fixture
(sold on craigslist for $45 bucks)

I, being handy...(Did I Tell you this already?) proceeded to take this light down.
You know, there is electricity running through this fixture.
After searching and finding the Breaker box, I proceeded
to shut off every breaker.
I didn't want to get electrocuted...
I Do have children to take care of after all!
And, I think they wouldn't enjoy the sight of their mother lying on the floor, burnt to a crisp and spasming out of control

So, the breakers are off.
I take Phillips screw driver (not the flat one)
and proceed to UN hook the light from the electrical wires.

I know, You are Impressed..

The light being DE-electrolysed,
I took it down and tossed it to the floor.

My Beautiful NEW $6 Crystal Chandelier
was being recreated.

First, applying masking tape to all of the crystal

And, last but not least...

The Crystal Pineapple!

Great isn't it...

After masking off everything I didn't want paint on ,
Outside it went.

Zip Ties are a must have..

Brass is pretty but ohhh sooo 90s,

I chose a spray on color by Rustolium called
Oil Rubbed Bronze

I began to spray here and there, every possible
tiny speck of brass showing was covered with a burst of paint.

After letting the light dry for about 30 minutes in 90+
degree heat, it was time to bring it in.

I hoped that the reason it was at D.I wasn't due to the
lights electrical system not working.

I wired it up..
same pic..

Handy Me..


1, 2, 3,

TA DA...

The Pineapple Crystal Chandelier

Oil Rubbed Bronze

I think I will keep my obsessed with second hand stores
Minnesoooota friend Sandy around a while!!...
 Also,I think I might drop into D.I occasionally.

What do you think??

Dedicated to Tallie Palmer.  
See I told you I would post it.