Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Isn't Fair!

For quite sometime now Mr. Mike has refused to let me have a cat.

I like cats...
and I want one!

But only one..

When I was young, I had a cat.
His name was Buster.
He was a Siamese

Buster was my best friend!

Well, one day back in April, my sisters cat (Kissy) had kittens.
They were adorable, and I secretly told her that I wanted one.

Us Women know what we want and exactly how to get it.
And if there is any and I mean any opportunity,
by damn (emphasis)
We will take it.

I started showing Mr. Mike pictures of the kittens.
I picked out a kitten.
I named the kitten
Bought a collar for the kitten

No, No, No...(his only answer and his favorite word!!!)

But why Mr. Mike?

So, I ask you, Is life fair?

Siamese cat lying on a blanket

Grow-up Mr. Mike!!!
Don't you know that life isn't fair!

1 comment:

  1. I'm still smiling..Bustermethorphan!! Cats help us when we are cold. When we are alone. When we need a break. To watch a movie with. Really good!!