Monday, April 4, 2011

Celebrity Home Monday - Ben Stiller

Today i was browsing many different blogs.  The ones that i looked at seemed to all have the same types of themes--crafts, kids stuff, parties etc.  I am just at a point in my life when i want something more to look at.
So,  what do i love, what am i interested in?   Easy answer.  - if any of you know me even a little you will have guessed it----Homes
 I love homes!!  small homes,
BIG HOMES,   MeDiUm HomEs,    fancy homes,   plain homes,  elegant homes,  rundown homes,  fixer upper homes,  celebrity homes,  log homes,  trailer homes,  like i said any home!! 

I enjoy simply walking into a home and looking at the structure, design, furnishings, rooms and thinking about what i would do different or keep the same.

This is my kind of fun! 

So, today i have decided to start a column simply called -Celebrity Home Mondays.-  Every Monday i will feature a Celebrity's Home.  I am so excited to look at these homes with you!   So, lets get started shall we?  whoo-hoo!

                        Ben Stiller's Home

Located on almost an acre of land, the estate has 10 bedrooms, 11 baths, really stunning kitchens, a pool, outdoor dining and living areas, grassy yards and a romantic fountain. The main house is a 1929 authentic Spanish house that has been totally restored to mint condition. The second house is a stunning Mediterranean redefined with from contemporary point of view. If that’s not enough space, you also get a one bedroom guesthouse. This home was for-sale at a mere price of $12million. 
Would you pay $12 million for this house?  if not, what would you pay?  Take a look and let me know.

                  I love the Spanish influence, the brick pavers and the whole feel of this place.
      I love this heavy door.  This is one of those doors that you are just dying to take a peek behind.
                                                      Absolutely Beautiful from the start!
                                                                Very welcoming.
                                             Look at the cool tiles on the rises of the stairs.
Love this living room with the ceiling beams and archway.

                                                                        Another look
Cool beams, cool table, cool color, just a cool room.   
                                I love the dark wood and tile contrast with the while cabinets
                                                                         The Sink

                 The Window       
                                                               LACANCHE  Stove
                                                           Glass-front cabinets
                                                     Very Cozy-More beautiful wood
                                                                     Theatre Room
                                                The "Bens" Bedroom  Very relaxing colors
  The Fireplace!  

                                                                     The Bathtub!
                                       Not sure I love this, but I love the doors out to the patio
                                             Does this make you want to go fishing?   Nope.
  Now Kellie, if you can't say something nice...   
                                                         Pretty soft colored tile
               OK, Love Love this place.  I would love one just like it.  Relax and read a book

       Outside living at its best            

                                                                      That's my pool

                                                       My favorite shade of Blue

                                                        The perfect luncheon spot
                                             The more I see this home the more I fall in love
                                                         Nice and cozy by the fire.
                                                            This is a very special Home
Makes me long for beautiful summer nights
I think this is a very special house.  I love all the color and the Spanish charm.
This definitely feels like some place I could live.

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