Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrity Homes Monday; Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

           OK, so here we are again for celebrity homes Monday. 

 Today we get to check out Nicole Kidman /Keith Urbans 4-bedroom home in Nashville that was just sold for $2.36 million.

Features in the house include five and a half baths, public areas opening to a covered terrace, a pool, a spa, and a three-car garage, according to listing information. The house is 8,715 square feet.

Nashville, Tenn


Earth Tones.

Cozy Kitchen


Don't we all want to live here?

His and Hers

I personally love this home.

  This home actually speaks to me....... You know when you see that something that is just so You, and you have that feeling that all in the world is right, and that there is peace, and it does exist, and you can almost touch the calmness, see the tranquility............ ahhhh, 
 and that's when I know

Its time to get out the paint

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  1. I love that home. The colors are just right. Warm, inviting and I think it would a good gift for me from my family....ha ha ha