Friday, April 1, 2011


Its about time is all I can say.

I have mowed the grass twice, though it really didn't need it, put some Ammonium Sulfate on to green it up and cleaned up the mess that the winter leaves behind ie; old leaves, pine needles and the trash that has blown in (from the neighbors) of course, and basked in the idea that my lawn will be greener than my neighbors.  

Also a bit of sunshine on my face has helped me to get out and plant my pansies.

After hoeing (is that how you spell that) out all of the weed sprouts and rocks that I grew during the winter, I dug my nails into the dirt and got the job done.  Spring is springing,  Beautiful if I have to say so. 

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  1. I myself just can't wait until our temperature gets over 60 during the days. I've been bold this year. I live in a 7000 ft. altitude area with a very short growing season. I've already planted radishes with my granddaughter, also cucumbers. The older I get the less I plant. Mostly because I can't take care of much more and enjoy it too. I'll get some more in the ground here pretty soon.