Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrity Homes Monday--Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow’s Romantic 1920s Hollywood Estate

In the March issue of Architectural Digest, singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow invites us into her romantic Hollywood Hills estate. There are three houses on her 11-acre property, but she and her young sons Levi and Wyatt live in the 1926 Spanish Colonial hacienda (there’s also a 1909 Craftsman bungalow and a 19th century cottage that I’d love to see!).

look at the carved wood entry mouldings...beautiful
and yes she has a lovely piano but take a look at those sexy heels!

Love this enchanted entry and cannot wait to see whats beyond the door.

Bike on the wall... Lance Armstrong?

I would love to explore all the ups & downs of this home...
wouldn't you?

I believe the design world calls the tile up the bar and stove back ground "reclaimed subway tiles"

I do love the stove/oven.

And you thought libraries only housed books...

I like the steps up to this cozy library...
much more intimate..

love this table & chairs...
This room reminds me of Mr. Mikes grandmothers home.
plastered white walls and old mirrors.

the windows are so nostalgic...
open them up and hear Sheryl sing.

I have seen crosses above a bed but never horned animals.
watching over you as you sleep with one eye open...

not sure I have ever seen a black tiled bathroom. 
but I do like the pedestal sink.

more carved wood risers. 
very cool..

a different collection of .......things?
a bright pop of peonies
any idea what is on the top of the books?
Mr. Mike thinks it looks like a cast of a babies cut off arm?
ugh...Mr. Mike

I could lounge here...
minus the scary pic...
love the tall opened windows

cool bridge over a cooler stream..

probably my favorite picture of her home..

interesting but kinda fun..

kids would love their own Tepee..
I might even hide out there and send out smoke signals that say
"get your own tepee"

take a swim and rest your bones here..

Have you ever tried to walk out on the deck in your high heels?
what happens?

all in all I thought this home was quaint, nostalgic with a bit of rustic eclectic humor.
What did you think?

The photos were taken by Jim McHugh for Architectural Digest

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  1. Wow I loved those! You have great taste in interior design woman!!