Friday, June 24, 2011

The Absolute Coolest Thing Ever!!!

While browsing some fabulous blogs I came across this fabulous idea....
Why didn't I think of this?
are you ready for this??

Glowing Outdoor Orbs
Say what?
Yes you read correctly..
Check this out

Remember these when you were growing up?
I do..

Plus This..

christmas minilights, christmas mini lights 

Or This...

Equals This...

Glowing orbs for your garden!!!!

And here is the best part...
 You know those stupid, anger inducing mini lights you have shoved in your basement?  The ones where only half of the string lights up?  Yeah, um … this is a perfect use for them.  PERFECT!

So, what I am saying to you man is, 
call your grandma and tell her you would like her round,
glass shades.
As for me, I am heading to the closest

Any questions??

Part II
coming up next post

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  1. Now you've got me wanting these for my garden at night. Oh, Kel...they would be so cool. The absolute coolest things.